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Liv Kim


I recommend blossom creek to everyone reluctant to place loved ones in a facility. The care provided here will exceed your expectations. Thank you for all your expertise and Keep up the good job!!!!


Highly recommend. Home is beautiful, staff is friendly, caring. Would definitely consider for a loved one to stay here.


Blossom Creek Assisted Living is a loving, and caring facility. I would really recommend this for your love one

Great for Aging parents! Clean and compassionate care. Outstanding service.

Great staff, and good loving care, I would Highly recommend this place

Nancy Cox-Garner

As a nurse, I am often asked for advice on alternative living recommendations for mom or dad. This assisted living home meets all of my high expectations. This is a home where our loved ones will feel valued and cared for. The owner goes above and beyond to keep the residents engaged in life! From the field trips, to the smell of fresh cake in the oven, to the homey surroundings and ginger bread house kits on the counter. When living alone is not a safe option, this home is a very comfortable alternative.

Hardeep Baca

Our parents take care of us all our life…but when they get older its our turn to give back. And this place have it all. The care, passion and amazing staff who will make the residents feel right at home. Highly recommend this place.

Teena Hagerman

Amazing home for your loved ones. A smaller community can make sure that your loved one is cared for in the best of ways. Its not crowded and confusing. Before you make a decision go see Blossom Creek Asssisted Living first.

Marie Astorga-Smith

Blossom Creeks is fabulous, they have far exceeded my expectations. My. Mom is there and she has not been this happy in a long time. They are very attentive to her. They treat her as if she is part of their family. I absolutely would recommend this place to everyone.

Parvinder Samra

Very caring staff who makes the residents feel like thier own home. I highly recommend this place !!

Laddi Sadhu

Outstanding Care, Clean and compassionate staff. Highly recommend this place for your elderly parents.

Sukhjeet Samra

Blossom Creek Assisted Living is a loving, and caring facility. I would highly recommend this peaceful environment to anyone in need of their services.

Bhagat Singh

Good food. Good Care, can’t wait for mom to move in.

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